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San Giovenale

Habemus Etichetta Bianca 2018

Lazio IGT

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Habemus di San Giovenale is a noble, intense and powerful red wine, born in the Viterbo area from international varieties grown as small trees, vinified in steel and aged for 20 months in new barriques.

It expresses itself with richness, elegance and intensity, allowing ample hints of fruit jam, sweet spices, red flowers, graphite, pepper and liquorice. Habemus Etichetta Bianca is a powerful and rich wine, endowed with a velvety and caressing tactility.

Marco Casolanetti's hand for what concerns the production of wine is one of the most recognizable, daughter of a clear idea which embraces the work in the vineyard and in the cellar. Marco, former owner of Oasi degli Angeli, opts for very low yields in the plant in order to concentrate aromas and extracts in few fruits, harvested at full ripeness. In the case of Habemus the vines chosen are Grenache, Syrah, Carignano and Tempranillo, all capable of providing a generous and well defined aromatic contribution.

Concentrated liquids, deep, impacting, and of sure charm and involvement, for their persuasiveness and pleasantness of drinking. Needless to say, there are many admirers and less bottles, therefore it is better to make room in the cellar! Habemus Etichetta Bianca red is obtained by a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignano and Tempranillo. Grapes, which are harvested by hand, are the result of a very accurate selection of alberello vines planted at an altitude of 300-400 meters above sea level on clayey soil with southern exposure.

Marco's philosophy in the vineyard has always been to respect the varieties and the system, therefore the plants are not treated with any chemical or synthetic substance. In the winery the wine is spontaneously fermented in steel containers and aged for 20 months in new barriques, followed by at least 6 months in bottle.

Habemus Etichetta Bianca wine shows in the glass an extremely dark and impenetrable ruby red color. The nose is very wide and a taster in good shape could dwell on it for hours: cocoa, tobacco, plum, cinnamon, black pepper outline what is a real and proper aromatic triumph.

The taste is not less, and it is a real thoroughbred. Power, richness and concentration, in an admirable balance between the extractive part and freshness. The finish is very long, for what is almost a meditation liquid, or to be drunk on important occasions.

 roasted meat, lamb, game and hard cheese

  • Serve at 18°C.
  • Decanting time 1 Hour
  • Longevity 10 - 15 years
  •  San Giovenale - Habemus
  •  0.75l
  •  Red
  •  Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Tempranillo
  •  Lazio
  • Appelation Lazio IGT
  • Vintage 2018
  •  15%
  •  15 days in stainless steel tanks
  •  20 months in barrique
  •  6 months
  •  Goblet 
  •  Clay with stones
  •  300 - 400 mt. asl