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Letrari Cuvée Blanche

Trento Doc -

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Immediate in its sustainable vivacious lightness, vaguely gilded in reflections, it immediately convinces thanks to a delicate floral texture of verbena and green apple segments, with aromatic traces of cedar, also a curious touch of laurel. Vispo in everything, thanks to an excellent workmanship cuvèe (the chardonnay of the high Dolomite hill, in its character) surprises for the elegance of a precise, straight sip, well integrated in the usual creaminess, pride of the Letrari.

A Trentodoc of pronta beva, neat in the scents, which on the palate evoke gustatory tones of fresh flavor.

Suitable from Italian antipasti, soups with mushrooms and vegetables, pasta and risotto, in combination with fresh cheese, not too much seasoned, and salami. Pleasant even with fish starters.

  • Serve at 9°C
  •  Letrari
  •  0.75l
  •  Sparkling
  • Chardonnnay
  •  Trentino
  • Appelation Trento DOC