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976 Riserva del Fondatore 2010

Trento Doc

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This spumante, only produced in the best vintage years, is obtained by the vinification of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, re-fermented in the bottle following the classic method and lied on the lees for at least 96 months, in other words the so-called Dégorgement Tardif (disgorgement spread over time) making it possible to obtain, trough a long and continuos lysis of the yeasts, a spumante of considerable complexity, boldness and elegance. The color is golden and slightly dark, sparkling and lively.

On the nose it offers an array of fragrances ranging from bread crust to vanilla tones, over a base of creamy ripe apples and dried fruit. The palate is full and rounded overall, in which notes of mature fruit are found, re-proposed over an underlying flavor of citrus fruits and spices.

A fresh and lively wine, but also full and of solid structure, with an extremely persistent finish, just like its extremely fine perlage. For drinking as the complete accompaniment to an important lunch, or simply to toast a special occasion.

  • Serve at 9°C
  •  Letrari
  •  0.75l
  •  Sparkling
  •  40% Pinot Noir, 60 %Chardonnnay
  •  Trentino
  •  Trento DOC
  •  2010